I’ve never lived in a house with a FOR SALE sign in the yard…

and to be honest, it’s pretty scary!  Mind you, it’s not there yet.  But I know it will be on Thursday and that kinda freaks me out!  In a really great way…but freaks me out nonetheless.  I am seriously excited that we are finally doing this but really nervous about the feedback we’ll get, the length of time it’s likely to take and the finality of the whole thing.  I’m not totally attached to this house, mind you…but it IS where we came home to from our honeymoon.  Where we brought MJ home from the hospital to.  Where we had her first birthday party.  Where we have so many memories.  I know we will make more in a new place whenever the Lord allows that to happen…but it’s definitely bittersweet!

Selling our home is going to be a new start for us in more than just location.  Our boys need the space, the privacy, the individual nooks and crannies that teenage and preteen boys need…and our girl…she needs…..ohhh she needs so much!  🙂  She needs a closet and a turntable and a dressing room and a jewelry room and a concert hall – she will GET a new room and a new bed and that’s all I’m promising!  Mike will hopefully find a room to fit a pool table in and I will get my back yard.  These are the dreams at least.  I would be so grateful if I looked back on this post one day in the future and realized that I got what we wished….but I know that I will be happy with a little more room for my kids to roam.  I’ll be happy if we can sell this one, make some other family happy and find a little more yard for us to create the oasis that so many people long for in the industry that I serve at least 40 hours a week.  I’ll be happy if God’s will is done in our lives – no matter what kind of house that brings us.  I’m ready to start this journey and cannot wait to see what it will lead us to!

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