Putting the seat down (and trusting in Jesus!)

So, as we were viewing potential houses for us, there were things that jumped out at me.  Things that I hoped I’d remember as I “staged” my home for the showings to interested realtors and buyers and for my realtor to take pictures that would grace local websites, Trulia, Realtor.com and more.  Small things such as to be sure the trash isn’t overflowing, the microwave is clean or the shoes under my bed didn’t look messy.  It’s funny how you start looking at all of your STUFF as a liability, something that a potential buyer could be turned off by or think negatively of.  I mean, if I saw that someone was a  Duke fan and I was interested in their home – would I let that stop me from purchasing?  Absolutely!  I’d like to think not.  I’ve never been on this end of the deal.  I’ve been in plenty of homes either sincerely looking, dreaming or slimming down choices.  I’ve been on the aforementioned websites countless times and tried my best to not let clutter or poor color choices (in MY opinion) stop me from looking at the true beauty of a home.  Walls can be painted, flowers can be planted and their clutter will disappear (replaced by MINE).  It is not the easiest thing in the world to pack up 85% of your 4 year old’s toys and tell her that she’ll see it again in the new house.  Especially since I know deep down that it could take months…years…we have NO way of knowing!  That’s the biggest issue here.  The unknowns.  I am a pretty smart cookie and can adapt to change fairly easily and when a process changes, I can roll with it.  But, when a situation is a big change and you have NO idea how long that change is going to occur?  THAT, my friend, is when I kinda tend to freak out majorly and feel like I have absolutely no control over anything!  And I don’t.  And I realized last night, during a heart to heart with my sweet hubby…that is OKAY.  I don’t have to know.  I trust in Jesus.  I know He will lead us where we should be and I will be fine until we GET there.  I have faith that this whole process is under His watch and I can rest assured that it will all be fine.  No matter how long it takes.  But, I can still HOPE that it is a really SHORT amount of time!  🙂

Must go now and make the bed and put the toilet seats AND LIDS down!!!  This is getting serious, y’all!!!!

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