And they said it wouldn’t last….

So for some reason, my anniversary always makes me think of a few hags women that I used to work with in a previous occupation.  I had just gotten married and came back from my honeymoon so very sure of my marriage, giddy, and believing-in-all-things-love.  Everyone was so sweet to ask me how our wedding was (it was very small, only our parents and kids attended), how the honeymoon was and did I feel differently now that I was married.  Glee ensued as I talked about our meaningful ceremony, the sweet words we spoke and the beauty of it all.  However, aforementioned ladies found it the best use of their time to tell me how that “feeling” would never last.  How the fact that I had butterflies about going home to my huzzzzband (as I pronounced it) that very day would very soon go away and I’d be begging him to go on a golf trip and leave me alone.  They said he’d never keep being as sweet as he was to me on our wedding weekend.  They made sure to mention that we’d both get so tired of each other in a few years that we would find ways to be apart.  Now, mind you, one of these women was married and had been for about 50 years and the others were dating after their husbands had either passed away or passed them by.  I remember going home and wondering if they were right but SERIOUSLY hoping that they were wrong.  I remember being angry with them that they couldn’t just be happy for me, given me time to be giddy and happy before they hit me with their version of reality.

I am so happy to tell you that after six years of marriage….I still have butterflies when I know my sweet huzzzzzband is almost home.  I get excited about date night.  We send silly texts and write love letters daily (even if it’s via email).  We enjoy each other’s company.  We have “our shows” that we don’t watch without one another  We travel well together.  We stay home well together.  We kiss in front of our kids (to the tune of “EWWW MOMMMM”) because I think it’s okay for our kids to know we LOVE each other and enjoy each other.  We still plan our future together because we still believe in us.  We hold hands at church.  We wink at each other from across a crowded room.  He fills my car up with gas and enjoys taking care of me.  This is our reality.  This is our LIFE!  I am so blessed and grateful that I have a loving, hot, sweet hubby who takes care of our finances and kids.  Hmm, what does he need ME for?  Hmmmmm.  Kidding, y’all.  Obvious.  Someone’s gotta make the reservations!  😉

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