Business. {Busy-Ness.}

Stay with me here.

Our normal life these days:

  • Selling our house.
  • Staging our house.
  • Showing our house.
  • Keeping our house perfect.
  • Looking for new houses.
  • Trying not to get excited about new houses.

My Saturday was a little different:

  • Tried boot camp to get into shape.
  • DYING after first boot camp.
  • Almost vomiting at first boot camp.
  • Not vomiting at first boot camp.
  • Hair cut after boot camp.
  • Hair WASHED after boot camp. (Whew!)
  • Nap after hair cut after boot camp. (After chicken salad sammy.)
  • Saturday night church after nap after chicken salad sammy after hair after boot camp.

I really do try to write about things that I want to remember. But I did this ANYWAY. 😉

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