Something I feel strongly about {Blog Challenge}

Hmm.  I feel strongly about lots of things.  Family stuff, Jesus stuff, economic things, diet issues, and even alpha tests in Marketing.  For the purpose of this blog…….let’s stay light and cheery.

I feel strongly about being positive.  I truly try to see the best in any given situation.  I think it can change the outlook of people around you and turn a situation around.  PLEASE do not mistake this for some “you get the energy back that you send out” type of thing because that is NOT what I am saying (maybe I feel strongly about that too……).  I am just convinced that you seriously can make a situation worse when you expect the worst and complain and whine about it!  I feel so blessed to get up every morning….I try to not complain about aches and pains (except for post-boot camp) and I really do try to focus on the good things.  I try to give others the benefit of the doubt…try to expect that they are trying to help….don’t assume that someone is out to hurt me or get me.  I truly don’t understand the “eeyore” mentality that some people have.  It just gets to me!  Be grateful for what you have!!!

Other than that, I have no opinion on the matter……

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