Results are In! (Well, some….)

So, after all that has happened (his almost fainting, stroke like symptoms, general exhaustion, findings of liver and kidney function issues) and his appointment this past Monday at a hematologist (still awaiting all of the results from that)…we were looking forward to today!  He had a three hour glucose test last week and we knew we were to find out the results today.  (Never mind the fact the I went yesterday for lab work {Vitamin D} and saw the Doctor and he TOLD ME the results!)

First, we talked about the hematologist (who Mike loves) and his findings so far.  He wrote our PCP a dissertation on my husband.  Swoon.  It was about all of the issues and what he thinks might be going on with my sweetie’s blood.  As of now, they are leaning towards a diagnosis of polycythemia.  You can find more information about THAT here.  Basically, his body is making too many red blood cells.  This can lead to complications since they blood flow may decrease and stress on organs can increase.  Obviously, this is a great concern to us and is wayyy up there on the priority list to figure out what’s going on.  The hematologist took 13 vials of blood on Monday to test for all sorts of things, levels, genetic markers.  The follow up for that is in two weeks and I’m very anxious to see what that is!

Now, on to the PCP’s test results of the three hour glucose test.  So, normally, a non-diabetic person should have a glucose level of 60-100 at most times.  Once they eat something, it should normally raise no higher than 160 (even if it’s seven ice cream sundaes and four Sonic slushies).  So, 30 minutes after Mike started his test (and had drank that lovely stuff that all pregnant women get to experience)…his glucose was at 262.  Yes, TWO HUNDRED SIXTY TWO.  Yikes!  The interesting thing?  At three hours…it was 56.  So, he spikes WAY up and he drops WAY low.  The good doctor hesitated to label him “diabetic” (probably due to insurance if you want to know the truth) but is treating it as such.  Put him on a medicine (Januvia) and will see him back in 6 weeks.  He also let him know he needs to lose ten percent of his weight and gave him some diet tips and levels to stay within.

I am really hoping this is a wake up call for BOTH of us.  For ALL of us.  My family, extended family, friends, whoever might be reading this.  Bad habits are SO easy to fall into and SO hard to break.  We let our kids grow up eating whatever is easy for us all and then expect them to turn from those habits when it matters???  So silly and I KNOW this.  So, I started typing this when my hand started cramping from making menus and lists of things that are “safe”.  We will not do this cold turkey, but we will make swift changes (already did for supper) that will affect our diet, weight and our LIFE.  We can’t continue to live by convenience and just expect to feel good because it tastes good!  Also, boot camp on Saturday for me was not a one time deal.  Mike has even expressed interest in going so I am TOTALLY down with that.  I would love to show him up work out with him.  I have found myself trying to do push ups around the house too…from different elevations…to see if my upper arm strength is existent any better.  I just want to be able to know that he and I are doing everything we can to improve our lives.  I feel like a twelve step program could help though!!!

Okay…I’m wrapping this up, just wanted to update those who asked and were praying!  Thank you so much.  I serve a Mighty God and I know that He will bring us through this.  I have much faith in that!!

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