Going to Hawaii? Don’t forget the volcanoes – and the kisses!!

So, I didn’t even visit a volcano when I went to Kauai in 2009.  I did go to a canyon and a Roy’s restaurant and other trendy Hawaii-ish things.  But what no one told me?  You can ONLY buy Hershey’s kisses with macadamia nuts THERE.  I mean, I found them online after, but they ended up being around ten bucks for a bag that way and well, that’s just silly.  I am not going anytime soon, but I wanted to be sure that if YOU do, you get some!!  My colleague just went and I gave HIM a heads up……so I thought I’d offer anyone else the same advice!  If you buy just a bag and get home and open them up – you will be booking another flight out there pronto!!  🙂

You’re welcome!
~ Just Jamie Jones

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