My views on mainstream music {Blog Challenge}

So first, I wanted to be sure I did this properly.  Naturally, I needed to be sure I understand the definition of the subject matter.

So, Wikipedia says:

Mainstream is the common current thought of the majority.[1] However, the mainstream is far from cohesive; rather the concept is often considered a cultural construct.[citation needed]
The mainstream includes all popular culture, typically disseminated by mass media. The opposite of the mainstream are subculturescounterculturescult followings, and (in fiction)genre. Additionally, mainstream is sometimes a codeword used for an actual ethnocentric or hegemonic subculture point of view, especially when delivered in a culture war speech. It is often used as a pejorative term by subcultures who view ostensibly mainstream culture as not only exclusive but artistically and aesthetically inferior. In the United Statesmainlinechurches are sometimes referred to synonymously as “mainstream.”[2][3] Also known as “straight” and “straights” for individuals. [4]

Well, it just got more confusing.  I honestly can’t tell you what is the majority of the world listening to?  Country, pop, rap?  It seems like country is at least in the running…and I hear less on TV and award shows about rap than I ever have….but to be truly honest…I can’t even tell you what radio stations are still even ON or what they are playing!  And with XM, I stick with one station or I listen to a playlist from my iPhone.  When I’m on the way to work, I mainly listen to Contemporary Christian music on XM 63 (The Message) – makes me feel like I’ve had church every day!  🙂  Wait…this is supposed to be my views on mainstream music………

Okay, here goes:

Country is cool….more young people are into it.  It’s bridged a gap between kids and their parents since they can both listen to the same thing and usually get by without editing the words or feeling embarrassed about the other party singing it!!!  Outside of country…….just saying….CALL ME MAYBE!!!  ;-)~

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