MJ’s Fashion Show

Our local Belk (and maybe yours too) celebrated KidFest yesterday with an adorable fashion show for kids ages 4-11.  Since my Mom lives at frequents Belk, many times with MJ in tow, they definitely know her and her personality.  They asked Mom to give me the form to sign up and MJ was all about doing this.  I worried up until the time I saw her walking the runway if she would back out….but she was so into it!!!  She made me so very proud…
Here she is!  She was so crazy excited!!!
Once I took her back to wait….I only checked in on her once.  She was doing great!  They were running WAY behind…so it was probably 45 minutes before it was underway. SO proud of all the kids and their patience!  The audience was definitely getting antsy so I know the 4-11 year olds were!
Behind the “curtain”…they were figuring out the order so we weren’t really sure where MJ would fall in line.  Turns out – she was FIRST!  🙂
She was ALL smiles!
When she walked by, she was SO happy!  I wanted to just CRY, I was so proud of my little girl!
She totally rocked the runway!!!
After they walked individually, they came back around once more….
All the kids did a great job….it was definitely something we’ll do again!
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