Family {Blog Challenge}

So, this blog challenge title doesn’t offer a lot of direction.   You could probably go one hundred different ways with this one but let’s go with a bulleted list, because they are my fave currently.  When I talk about my family below…I am talking about all of us.  My mom and dad, sister, brother in law, nieces, aunts, cousins, uncles, hubby, our children, in-laws, step-family, outlaws, and even friends who are family.  I truly believe all of them are considered family and I am so very blessed with a great one.  I probably don’t tell them often enough how fabulous they are…but I sincerely am amazed at the support, resilience, talent, generosity, consideration and pure love that members of my FAMILY possess.
So, in short…

My family:

is full of love
is mostly in Sanford
loves any reason to get together and EAT
is there for one another
has never let me down, when it really really mattered
just got a little bigger (new baby niece!!)
makes me happy
is not perfect
includes kids who are amazing and teach me so much
loves to laugh
is busy
loves to have down time
doesn’t see each other enough
values each other
has overcome trials
is blessed beyond measure
made me who I am and still shapes who I’m becoming
is amazing

I love you all….so very, very much.

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