My Body

So here is the direction for this one:  Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it 

Hmm.  This is ironic as I’m battling diabetes (or, rather, trying to keep it away – and winning currently!  Yeah!)  and losing weight in the process.  I’m feeling better about my body…my health…life.

I am certainly not a size 4.  Though, I have been….  Back then I was young, silly and totally didn’t think I was pretty enough, smart enough…or anything enough.  Mind you, my parents were awesome, I had good friends and I had somewhat serious relationships with boys.  I was not lacking people to TELL me I was enough, but as many young women, I just had a self-image deficiency.  I find it very interesting that in my old(er) age, as I’ve put on pounds and a few wrinkles and a stray gray hair or so….I feel more comfortable with ME than I ever have.  I am now sure that body image has less to do with body than ever before in my life.  I have a great life, I’m a Christian (who knows that I matter, because my Savior died for ME!), awesome kids, a husband that I never dreamed existed beyond fairy tales, parents who have always supported me and loved me (even when I was so very ungrateful for the things they did), a sister that is amazingly strong, an independent niece, a new adorable baby niece, amazing inlaws…friends that are fabulous and a rewarding job that allows me to try to improve experiences of my employees as well as our customers.  I am living the LIFE!  So why wouldn’t I hold my head high and not worry about what everyone is thinking of my round face and freckled skin?  That is SUCH a small thing in the scope of the big picture.  I know that I have good intentions.  I try really hard.  I try to be a thoughtful person…say thank you…open doors for people…give back when I can…pray for anyone and everyone who needs it (and even those who don’t know they do…okay, ESPECIALLY those).  So, I am WORTH IT.  I am worthy of people’s respect and the admiration of my husband.  I am loved and I am so very, very grateful.  In return, I am PROUD of my life and my family and my freckles.  I am proud that I can walk in a room and know that I might not be the most skinny or flawless – but KNOW that I AM worth feeling like I am beautiful.  Because beauty can be a reflection of what you feel inside.  And what I FEEL – is jawdroppingly blessed…and ENOUGH.

2 thoughts on “My Body

  1. Yes you are beautiful on the outside and most importantly on the inside!!! No one could ever look at those beautiful blue eyes and not see beauty!! And you've always had a smile that could light up the room!! Not to mention wit, and more personality than anyone I know. You are blessed but you do share and you love everyone! You are the same every day, with anyone. You are never fake, you are excited by the even the little things, excited like a child, and you show your excitement!!! I love you!!! I'm proud to be your Mother!!

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