My Little Sunshine

So since the boys were playing golf this afternoon, MJ thought a fashion show was in order.  When I take picture of her though, it becomes about her FACE more than her fashion though.  I love that her personality comes through on her pictures….because it’s one of my favorite things about her!!  Here are few of the many…

She really, really loves this dress!  (WIN for Mommy!)
I just love her sly little smiles.  So much.
Oh, the faces of MJ.
Those eyes.  I can’t even edit them.
This is one of those that just totally screams her personality.  So well!!
For the record, I gave her no direction…she just posed her little self right away!!
And then, we did nails.  They lasted about an hour!  Record?
I’d like to quote my sister.  “Honey Boo Boo would be proud!”  🙂

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