Mono Teachings

Mono has taught me a few things.  I have listed some here.  I honestly could do one of these a DAY!!!  (Maybe there are more than a few here.  The rest are free, too, y’all!)

  • You can actually feel like you’ve rested TOO MUCH.
  • Beds are actually kinda boring after a few weeks in them.
  • Online retail therapy is actually as satisfying as being in public.
  • You can spend more than you make in a day on a down comforter.
  • My hubby loves me more than I realize.  He has taken SUCH good care of me!
  • Buying hairspray online is cheaper than in real life.
  • I say “in real life” a lot, like the internet is FAKE.
  • I really do depend on social interaction.
  • Mono is worse than you think.
  • Sometimes when friends/family say, “call me if you need something”, they actually do mean it.
  • Lowes Foods to go is the best thing everrrr.  (Okay, already knew that.)
  • Short term disability is not just for pregnancy. (I didn’t wanna. Nurse at work said I should.)
  • My boss is one of the most compassionate, understanding people I know!
  • My employees are so capable of stepping up and taking on more in my absence.  Thought it probably but know for SURE now.
  • Cards are really seriously one of my fave things.  I have gotten a few and I treasure them so much!!!
  • Reading the Bible is so much better in a Bible study format.  I like instant reassurance that I know what the Bible is saying.

What’s this blog for?

I hope that everyone knows that this blog is very personal to me.   I’m not a famous person, someone with a ton of blogger friends or even anyone remotely important.  I don’t promote my blog, I don’t talk about it outside of Twitter (where I have a handful of followers) and a few times on FB and that’s just the way I want it.  Blogging is therapeutic for me.

See, I’ve always had this thing about something being in my head and needing to get it out.  Whether it was scratching an idea for work on a pad beside my bed at 4 am or calling someone RIGHT back to tell them something new that just popped into my brain five seconds after we just hung up – I am not a “mull it over” kinda gal.  I prefer to download it and be done with it.  That’s what blogging is about to me.  Whether it’s a big topic or a little one, something that has absolutely no importance outside of my world or something that could potentially make someone feel a certain emotion – I do it for me.  It’s one of the FEW selfish things of my life.

I have tried really hard to continue to put things out there that are real, honest, and timely.  I enjoy that people usually contact me privately about things I say and we have a healthy dialogue about it!  I just never want anyone to say“who really cares what she has to say?”….because that would make me wonder the same thing, shut down and retreat.  I’ve fought with self-esteem issues all of my life and me putting myself out there is a big step.  I hope if you’re reading, you’ll feel good about that.  That you are reading something that I probably never thought anyone besides myself would read.  Thank you, thank you for allowing me to be me and to share a little piece of my life.

Guilty of a Happy Marriage

I feel bad from time to time about talking about how happy Mike and I are….and then, I stop.  Because I *am* happy and I don’t think I should feel guilty about that.  I am blessed and I know it.  I’m appreciative and I thank the Lord for it every day.  Is it perfect?  No.  Do we argue? Yes.  Does it last for days?  NO!

I don’t know how to explain it but we are both so very appreciative of one another that we just simply don’t let time pass without letting each other KNOW that.  We are very careful to not sweat the small stuff.  We are open, honest, and truly try to make each other happy every single day.

And if you have a similar relationship – good for you!  And if you don’t, I sincerely hope one day you do.

Either way, I won’t apologize about my happiness.  Ever again.

Slow Down

Slow Down. 

So, I’ve never been really good at SEEING signs or UNDERSTANDING an answer from God.  Sure, I’d ask.  I’d pray.  I’d hope that I was doing the right thing and I’d eventually seem to get it right most of the time.  But, I wasn’t ever really sure.  Mostly, I’d lack the peace of feeling that my path was the right one.  I have also always tried to look at the good in every situation.  I’ve tried to pick things apart to feel like I could see why God would allow things to happen.  Even in a big picture kind of way, I’d feel like I had a vague understanding of a reason behind why a loving God would let bad things happen to good people.  It’s one thing to believe in God’s plan and another thing to trust it when it means that something bad has to happen to you or a loved one. 
I truly believe that I have been CHANGED lately.  I’m not sure if I am less stubborn or more faithful.  If I have more clarity or less ignorance.  One thing I know for sure….I asked for something.  God provided it.  Ever since I heard the news that I had mono, I have been a little down in the dumps.  I have had LOTS of rest and sleep and naps and laying around feeling terrible.  I have thought of good reasons as to why this happened now and not a month before or after.  I have also asked God why.  I have been patient to hear his answer.  I have been faithful in my prayer about it as well.  I believe I have my answer.  I almost feel like I’m breaking some confidence between He and I, because He spoke to me so privately, so personally.  But I have to share it.  I was talking about my issues with mono to a loved one and I said…”I don’t know if this was to tell me to slow down, but if so, I’ve done just that.”  At a later time, I wondered if that was it.  Could that have been the purpose of this hardship I’m enduring?  There are many times that I feel like I am running so fast but getting nowhere.  I feel like I’m trying to be the best mom, wife, daughter, aunt, employee, manager, friend – PERSON…that I fail at all of those things a little bit more over time because so many times one takes away from another.  Did I need to slow down?  Doesn’t that contradict getting more done, faster, in a shorter time, in order to please EVERYONE?   I should digress a bit and say that I also just started a new Beth Moore Bible study that focuses on living life to the fullest.  Hmm.  Related?  Maybe.  Okay, back to now.  So…I am questioning this in my mind, in my prayers.  And then, it happens.  I am working from home on Monday for a bit as to not totally lose touch.  I turn on my iTunes music to help me work (it helps me so much).  And a song that I don’t even remember downloading comes to life.  I actually look at the title because when it first comes on it says, “Alright, let’s rock it” and it’s unfamiliar.  The song title is “Slow Down”.  I decide to stop the email that I’m typing and do just that…slow down.  So I listen to Third Day belt out this tune.  The lyrics say:

 “Tell me to slow down, 
if You think that the road that I’m on is going nowhere, 
Tell me to slow down, 
if You know that I’m going too fast for my own good.”  

Tears stream down my face as I figure this out.  This is my answer.  It even says, 

“And, Oh, I don’t want to let go, 
of all the things that I know, 
are keeping me, 
away from my life.”  

Have I been so busy – too busy – to really fix things that are broken?  My faith?  My relationship with my Lord?  I have been reading all of my Beth Moore study even though I’ve not been able to attend and it’s working on my heart.  It is making me want to change and live a fuller life.  Is this one of the ways that I need to do it? To slow down?  Slow down in order to live a life more abundant?  I’ve been forced to do it.  I haven’t had a bit of a choice in the matter.  My Doctor tells me to “rest, rest, and when you feel a bit better, go back to bed!”  But, how am I supposed to take care of my family?  Let them take care of YOU.  How am I supposed to be there for my employees?  Let them take the reins.    How am I supposed to get everything done?  You won’t, and life will go on.  I can’t even express in words how liberating this is for me.  I don’t HAVE TO be everything or do it all or get it all done TODAY.  Because you know what?  There is a tomorrow.  And it will all be there then, unless someone else does it.  And if they do?  I’ll thank them.  And if there’s no tomorrow here on Earth.  I’ll thank Him.  🙂

Small Town

I remember when I was little, when I would see Sanford on the news I would seriously feel like we were SO awesome!! Like we had MADE IT!!! it could have been that they were simply rattling off temperatures, it was just on a map or a story was actually from here. But, it didn’t matter. If my little town got any air time…I was excited!!!

Now, I wish I didn’t hear it so much on the news. Crime, murder, tornadoes, immigration woes…these are not the things you want attached to your town!!  Makes me sad.  Which, as you’ll remember….will probably make me CRY!!  🙂


So, we had one that looked like this:

That was June of 2010…and it was a great vehicle.  We loved that we had the same interior as my Tahoe but had the ability to haul some things (no, not as much as a REAL truck but we don’t do a lot of hauling).  Well, fast forward to Sept of 2012 (or, now) and that truck had ALMOST

60 THOUSAND miles
I mean this guy burns the ROAD up!  Driving to work alone is about 100 miles a day!  Beach trips, golf trips, etc etc.  So, there is that magical time where you have high miles, a payoff that is not terrible and you can actually get out of your high mileage vehicle and SAVE MONEY.  That’s what we did.  He went, put nothing down and came away saving money on our monthly payment.  We will always have a car payment, so I’m just all about lowering it.  IT worked!  Woo Hoo!  

So, today we have this:

It’s a 2012 Avalanche in Summit White!  It has a few things on it that his older model didn’t have, but overall is the same vehicle.  He’s happy, we’re saving around $150 a month on our payment…it was a win for us!!

Friday Note of Praise

Guess what happened last night?  I went to sleep at 9:45 PM, EST.  I mean, BEFORE TEN PEEE EMMM.  WHAT?  I know, it doesn’t sound like that early.  But for me, that’s early for non-mono.  For mono, that’s basically a day ahead of time.  🙂  I was up at 5:30 which is a tad early but I will take it.  I can’t even express the feeling of hope that I have for today.  I still feel so silly for feeling so horrible with this thing.  When so many others are suffering from so much more.  I also know that this is my reality for right now.  The joint pain, the exhaustion, the sore throat, the brain-sluggishness – all those things are more than any symptoms to me.  They basically are abnormal.  They don’t make me feel like Jamie Jones.  I happen to like Jamie Jones.  🙂  That’s what I miss most.  Feeling like me.  I hope I find me again…really soon!

Mono y Mono

So in Spanish, that means “hand to hand” or denotes a fight between two people without weapons.  

I feel like that’s what my body is doing to me!  Fighting me.  However, I feel like it might have weapons.  Like:

  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • joint pain
  • back pain
  • headache
  • loss of appetite
  • swollen spleen

I am just totally spent.  I feel like I’ve been run down.  Also?  It gets in the old noggin.  So, add depressed to all of that up there.  Thankfully, I’m smack dab in the throws of a Beth Moore Bible study and nothing makes you feel like a loved, treasured child of the King like the Bible.  So, I’m going to start on next week and try to ignore that bulleted list up there.  Night…err…mornin….