Quick Beach Trip

We decided to have one last fling at the beach for the day on Saturday.  Our family of five + sun + fun + lots of driving + donuts + sand.  We left around 9 and headed out!  We decided to drive the “old way”, HWY 421 all the way there.  It.was.long.  But, it was nostalgic.  Growing up, this was really the only way we ever went and it was neat weird nice to see how it all had changed so much.  I just realized I didn’t take a pic of my hubby driving!  Wow!  A first!  😦

As we came into Wilmington/Carolina Beach, we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Give the boys chicken and an abundance of televisions and they are happy.  (Mike is included in that, btw.)

The boys, waiting on yummy food.
MJ snuggles her Daddy every time she has a chance.

We ate, watched the beginning of the UNC – Elon game and then headed off to the Boardwalk at Carolina Beach.  Traffic was crazy!  (Yes, I know, it was Labor Day.)  However, the Boardwalk was not crazy.  There was a steady flow of people passing through but it was kinda sad to me how very deserted it looked.  Of course, this place wasn’t deserted….

Then we walked on the beach for a short time.  A VERY short time.  The sand was burning my soles…I mean BURNING!  I guess this is why we go in the fall or winter.  However, my baby girl picked up seashells and that made her day!

Then, we rode.  We talked.  We laughed.  We slept.  It was nice to have all the kids captive and be able to talk…and listen.  I was afraid they were bored….they assured me they weren’t.  They are all like Mike and myself.  The love to ride.  It’s not even about where we are going.  Just being together, soaking up the moments that we are able to spend together.  Not working, not worrying about school or anything else.  Just being with each other.  Mike told the kids about how right after we got married we surely logged hundreds of miles going to lighthouses, different islands of the OBX and checking things out.  It wasn’t really about any certain destination…it was just about hanging out with one another.  I’m so glad that my children are completely satisfied with just hanging out with us.  Oh.  And we sang.  Okay, me and MJ did.  We rocked out Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.  Sorry, boys.  🙂

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