So, we had one that looked like this:

That was June of 2010…and it was a great vehicle.  We loved that we had the same interior as my Tahoe but had the ability to haul some things (no, not as much as a REAL truck but we don’t do a lot of hauling).  Well, fast forward to Sept of 2012 (or, now) and that truck had ALMOST

60 THOUSAND miles
I mean this guy burns the ROAD up!  Driving to work alone is about 100 miles a day!  Beach trips, golf trips, etc etc.  So, there is that magical time where you have high miles, a payoff that is not terrible and you can actually get out of your high mileage vehicle and SAVE MONEY.  That’s what we did.  He went, put nothing down and came away saving money on our monthly payment.  We will always have a car payment, so I’m just all about lowering it.  IT worked!  Woo Hoo!  

So, today we have this:

It’s a 2012 Avalanche in Summit White!  It has a few things on it that his older model didn’t have, but overall is the same vehicle.  He’s happy, we’re saving around $150 a month on our payment…it was a win for us!!

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