Guilty of a Happy Marriage

I feel bad from time to time about talking about how happy Mike and I are….and then, I stop.  Because I *am* happy and I don’t think I should feel guilty about that.  I am blessed and I know it.  I’m appreciative and I thank the Lord for it every day.  Is it perfect?  No.  Do we argue? Yes.  Does it last for days?  NO!

I don’t know how to explain it but we are both so very appreciative of one another that we just simply don’t let time pass without letting each other KNOW that.  We are very careful to not sweat the small stuff.  We are open, honest, and truly try to make each other happy every single day.

And if you have a similar relationship – good for you!  And if you don’t, I sincerely hope one day you do.

Either way, I won’t apologize about my happiness.  Ever again.

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