Mama and Daddy…a call away

So, something happened today that made me even more grateful for my Mama and Daddy.

The thought of losing them.

As a dear friend is going through the impending loss of her mother, I daydreamed about this reality in my own life.  I can’t even imagine my  life without a phone call (or ten) a day from my Mama.  I can’t imagine shopping and not thinking about being excited to show Mama what I bought.  I can’t even fathom going to my childhood home and my Daddy not sitting in his recliner talking about a TV show…OR commercial!  My kids love going to see Nanny and Papa.  My hubby loves to talk to my Dad about electronics or weather or anything, really.  I just love them, and knowing they are there.  They aren’t elderly.  They are not in poor health.  But I also know they are not mine forever.  They will be gone one day and though I know they will have the happiest reunions along streets of gold…I will miss them being here among our streets, just a phone call or a short drive away.

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