Not blogging, just being…

So, I’ve honestly not worried that I’ve neglected my blog lately…and with good reason.  I have been busy getting better, spending time with my family, working, the usual.  I’ve also been sure to tell my family I love them, and I’m starting on my quest to tell people when they hurt my feelings, to tell people when they make me mad and to express my opinions out loud.  It is a good feeling to lay down at night and not worry that you’ve left something unsaid.  I’m still finding it hard at times and I know that has way more to do with ME than anyone else.  Still working at it….and I know it will get easier.

2 thoughts on “Not blogging, just being…

  1. Nanny

    I am so thankful tat you are feeling better!! But this Mama has to remind this beautiful child to not overdo!! I miss my daughter, so glad to see her coming back to better health!!

    1. Thank you! I love you and I’ve definitely listened to this advice today. I am actually ready to go back to work tomorrow and get OUT of the house!! One day and I’m done! Keep praying…I have a busy couple of weeks ahead! Thanks for all you do for us!!!

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