Life is but a dream…

Lots of people have dreams…and I mean the literal kind.  The kind you have while you are actually asleep.  That you have no control over.  That you remember when you wake up and think “WHAT??”.  Well, honestly, I don’t have them that often.  When I do, they are either SO WEIRD or SO BAD that I wish I hadn’t!  If you gave me a choice of never sleeping and never being tired BUT it meant that I would never dream again?  WHERE DO I SIGN UP???  Dreams are not all that.  They are NOT real.  I do think it’s interesting at times to try to “decode” them or read into them…because I do suppose in some crazy way they are all connected to your reality…  However, I have sleep issues.  I can’t get enough of it, I haven’t found a way to need enough of it and I can’t remember a time lately when I wasn’t tired!

I’d love to write more but I gotta go take a nap…..Yaaaawwwnnnn.  (Not.)


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