The better to SEE you with…

I decided last Thursday to make a consultation appointment (only my third in about 12 twelve years) to see about LASIK surgery.  What I didn’t decide was to consider the possibility of them having an opening the next day.  However, I knew it was good timing for me (Friday afternoon) so I agreed.

My appointment was around 2 so I worked and anxiously awaited my appointment.  Scooted up to Raleigh and started the three-ish hour barrage of tests, dilations, more tests, videos and questions.  It went great.  The staff and doctors were amazing.  I never felt pressured or uncomfortable.  They were so helpful and when they confirmed that I am (still) a candidate for all laser LASIK surgery… heart jumped!  I honestly thought I’d go home and talk it over with Mike….decide… them back.  However, it didn’t go quite that way.  Here is a rundown:

Nurse:  You are an excellent candidate.  Is this something you’d like to get scheduled?

Me:  Give me just a second.

My text to Mike (verbatim):  Baby!  I can do it, they said I’m an excellent candidate.  What do you think?

Mike’s text to Me (verbatim):  YES. DO IT.  It’s your eyes.

My text to Mike (verbatim):  But what about the cost?

Mike’s text to Me (verbatim):  BABY, DO IT.  As soon as they can.

Me to Nurse:  Okay!  When is the earliest?

I expected her to say something that rhymes with Brovember.  However, she rattles off…..NEXT FRIDAY WORK FOR YOU?


I was almost as stunned when I realized that indeed it would work.

So, this Friday, I’m having LASIK surgery on my eyes!  I can’t be more excited!  I’m at the point of having to wear my glasses for the four days pre-surgery and WOW they are annoying me more than ever!  I think it’s the absence of CHOICE….I don’t have one!  It will be so worth it but I’d give anything to wear my contacts right now!!!!

I left out a funny part of the story….when they dilated my eyes….it was just WHOA!  More than ever.  It just made me crazy!!  Christian went to the appt with me and he was laughing at me…we went to dinner and met Mike….more laughter……went to hockey game….you get the picture.  Even so, I had to take one………….check.out.those.pupils.



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