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This previously was a blog post…but I found it important enough to keep a constant reminder for me and for you, too!

I hope that everyone knows that this blog is very personal to me.   I’m not a famous person, someone with a ton of blogger friends or even anyone remotely important.  I don’t promote my blog, I don’t talk about it outside of Twitter (where I have a handful of followers) and a few times on FB and that’s just the way I want it.  Blogging is therapeutic for me.

See, I’ve always had this thing about something being in my head and needing to get it out.  Whether it was scratching an idea for work on a pad beside my bed at 4 am or calling someone RIGHT back to tell them something new that just popped into my brain five seconds after we just hung up – I am not a “mull it over” kinda gal.  I prefer to download it and be done with it.  That’s what blogging is about to me.  Whether it’s a big topic or a little one, something that has absolutely no importance outside of my world or something that could potentially make someone feel a certain emotion – I do it for me.  It’s one of the FEW selfish things of my life.

I have tried really hard to continue to put things out there that are real, honest, and timely.  I enjoy that people usually contact me privately about things I say and we have a healthy dialogue about it!  I just never want anyone to say“who really cares what she has to say?”….because that would make me wonder the same thing, shut down and retreat.  I’ve fought with self-esteem issues all of my life and me putting myself out there is a big step.  I hope if you’re reading, you’ll feel good about that.  That you are reading something that I probably never thought anyone besides myself would read.  Thank you, thank you for allowing me to be me and to share a little piece of my life.

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