A book I love {Blog Challenge}

I do love a good read.  Though I don’t have a ton of time to DO it, I do generally like to “get away” at the hands of another and take a little trip via great words.  It’s a great way to unwind at the end of the day, while you’re waiting for someone, or while soaking in the tub.  This is where it’s unfortunate that smart phones have taken over that “wait” time.  They make it easier to LOSE time…to waste time…to WORK…  Wait, book I love.  BACK ON TRACK, Jamie!!!

And there it is.  Many people love this movie.  It all started with the book though.  I don’t EVER read books more than once.  I think I’ve read this one four times.  A great story about love.  When I read it, I wished for this kind of love and I am so very blessed in my marriage.  (Great movie too…….ahhhhhh.)

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