Bulleted whole day {Blog Challenge}

Well, since it’s NOW….here goes!  Started at midnight!

  • listening to hubby snore, searching for recipes online, watching Army Wives on DVD
  • woke up to tell Mike goodbye
  • took thyroid medicine
  • ACTUALLY got up
  • showered
  • dried hair
  • makeup
  • got dressed
  • changed outfit once (only once tho!)
  • Drove to work
  • ate breakfast while I read copy
  • sent mid-year review info to my team YEAH!
  • contract negotiations
  • caught up on emails from earlier this week
  • reminded my hubby to snack
  • more copy reading
  • reviewed some purchase detail analysis
  • talked to program manager at travel company about 2013 trip
  • my snack time (100 calories woot woot)
  • charged dealer credit cards
  • wrote some procedures
  • emailed thousands of people (or so it seemed)
  • drove to lunch joint
  • picked up lunch
  • back at work and ate chicken salad sammy (note-started trying unsweetened tea…)
  • figuring out why we spent too much money on one thing and not enough on another
  • marketing stuff like…….what color shirt??? LOL
  • snack time (not 100 calories – ugh)
  • charged more credit cards
  • approved claims
  • reviewed menus for December trip
  • reviewed itinerary for December trip
  • put together new presentation for Australia Marketing team
  • requested details about Miami meeting for Latin America team
  • personnel stuff
  • left work
  • picked up kids
  • Home again, home again, jiggity jigg?
  • supper
  • catching up on facebook, twitter, blogging while kids are playing PS3
  • watching DVR’d PGA Championship at Kiawah (enjoying Charleston commercials)

That’s all I’m doing……..this makes my life look seriously borrrring! LOL  WHEW!

2 thoughts on “Bulleted whole day {Blog Challenge}

  1. Truth is…I've done it for a long time. I just always kept them private!! LOL I decided to try to come out with it! You know I've ALWAYS got SOMETHING to say!!! mwah ha ha haaaa

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