Friday Note of Praise

Guess what happened last night?  I went to sleep at 9:45 PM, EST.  I mean, BEFORE TEN PEEE EMMM.  WHAT?  I know, it doesn’t sound like that early.  But for me, that’s early for non-mono.  For mono, that’s basically a day ahead of time.  🙂  I was up at 5:30 which is a tad early but I will take it.  I can’t even express the feeling of hope that I have for today.  I still feel so silly for feeling so horrible with this thing.  When so many others are suffering from so much more.  I also know that this is my reality for right now.  The joint pain, the exhaustion, the sore throat, the brain-sluggishness – all those things are more than any symptoms to me.  They basically are abnormal.  They don’t make me feel like Jamie Jones.  I happen to like Jamie Jones.  🙂  That’s what I miss most.  Feeling like me.  I hope I find me again…really soon!

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