Five ways to win my heart {Blog Challenge}

It’s funny that this would be the first blog subject…as it’s been a part of a recent conversation between myself and a coworker.  This is easy.

  1. Be nice to me.  Just nice.  Not overly kind or generous, just nice.  I really sincerely appreciate a smile in the morning or a “bless you” when I sneeze.  
  2. Compliment me.  Tell me I’m doing a good job or that my hair looks nice.  I am a sucker for it.  I have always thrived on this…but just recently really realized it.  I always try to do my best..but if I know you are going to TELL ME…..I’ll go the extra mile.
  3. Cook me something I love.  My Mama has this down pat.  She has my heart.  I can probably attribute my borderline diabetes and weight issues to this same line as well.  Hmm. 😉
  4. Be nice to my kids.  A waitress goes very far in my book (meaning: tip) if you speak to my kids. They are human beings and I appreciate when someone goes out of their way to make a big deal of my children.  Because, honestly, they ARE a big deal. 
  5. Be the kind of person to do the right thing.  That’s how Mike Jones did it.  He’s just “that guy”.  He’s the one that friends know they can count on, his Mama knows he loves her and his baby girl just can’t get enough of.  He just exudes this trustworthy personality…because you know he’s just going to always be the kind of guy to make a good choice.  
Reading back over that……………, I am so easy…………..

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